Can You Use a Shipping Container as a Retaining Wall? Exploring the Possibilities

Can You Use a Shipping Container as a Retaining Wall Featured Image

Shipping containers have become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative building material for various projects. One such application is the use of shipping containers as retaining walls. The idea of using shipping containers as retaining walls is not new, but it has gained popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and sustainability. When it comes … Read more

Why Don’t Shipping Containers Fall Off? The Physics Behind Their Stability

Why Don't Shipping Containers Fall Off Featured image

Shipping containers are a ubiquitous sight at ports around the world, stacked high on massive cargo ships that traverse the oceans. Despite their size and weight, these containers rarely fall off the ships, even in rough seas. This raises the question: why don’t shipping containers fall off? There are several factors that contribute to the … Read more

Which States Allow Shipping Container Homes?

Shipping container homes have recently jumped to the top of the popularity list for new affordable home options. Due to its durability and low price tag, consumers have begun to gravitate towards these personally customized metal containers. There are currently 15 states that allow shipping container homes, including: Texas California Georgia Washington However, future shipping … Read more

What is the Best Paint for a Shipping Container?

Appearances are usually a big deal, especially when transporting or moving items or things from one location to another. Since cargo shipping are not left out when it comes to proper presentation, are there specific paints that work better for shipping containers? Shipping containers are large storage vessels with the high tensile strength to withstand … Read more

Can Shipping Containers Be Buried?

A shipping container is made with the most sturdy material possible.  Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to bury one.  Shipping containers are not made to be buried and could cave in from the weight of the dirt pushing inward from the outside of the container.  It is extremely likely the container will cave … Read more