What is a Reefer Container?

A reefer container is a refrigerated container.

A reefer container is a type of shipping container that is used to transport refrigerated goods. They are often used by food and beverage companies, in addition to other types of products like pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Reefer containers have an insulated body with temperature controls that can be adjusted according to the needs of the cargo being transported.

Reefers have enabled food producing nations across the globe to export their frozen and chilled goods to purchasers regardless of location. This trade is expected to continue to grow.

How do reefer containers work?

Reefer containers work by using a refrigerant such as ammonia or propane. The body of the reefer container is insulated, which prevents heat from entering and exiting the cargo compartment.

As this insulation cools down, it creates an environment where cold air can be stored for long periods before being dispersed evenly throughout the container to keep temperature at a consistent level.

While this type of container can be used with a number of products, it is primarily designed for transporting refrigerated goods such as food and beverage items, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, or electronics.

The insulation allows the product to maintain its temperature consistently while in transit so that they are not negatively impacted by fluctuations in heat levels. This is especially important for products that must be kept at a specific temperature level.

What industries can benefit from reefer containers?

The primary industries that can use reefers are food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and electronics producers.

Many of these products require precise temperature levels to be maintained during shipping so the insulation properties of a refrigerator container come in handy.

Reefer containers are primarily used by companies who have refrigerated goods to ship, like food and beverage producers or pharmaceutical manufacturers.

They can also be utilized in industries such as electronics manufacturing where the product needs to maintain a precise temperature during shipping.

What is a genset for a reefer container?

A genset is a generator that provides electricity to refrigerated containers. These generators provide power during all phases of the reefer container operation or just when needed for specific purposes such as defrosting and boosting cooling capacity.

The most important parts are the engine, alternator (see-saw), starter motor, fuel system, exhaust gas and oil system.

The reefer container is powered by a generator, which has an engine that provides electricity to the refrigerated storage space of the cargo compartment. This power is often utilized in two different ways: continuously or on-demand for specific instances like defrosting and boosting cooling capacity. The most important parts of this machine include the engine , alternator, starter motor, fuel system, exhaust gas and oil circulation.

How do reefer containers work with energy?

Reefers work by using an external power source, like shore power or generator, to provide the refrigeration unit of the cargo compartment with electricity. If there is insufficient voltage in these sources then it can be supplemented with a heavy duty deep cycle marine type battery installed onboard.

Can a reefer be modified?

Reefers are modified to be used more efficiently and for specific purposes. A common modification is installing a cargo container cooling unit (CCCU) on the exterior of the reefer. This device draws additional cold air into the body, which helps keep temperature at its desired level while in transit or storage.

Many reefers can be modified with an exterior cargo container cooling unit. This device helps keep the reefer’s desired temperature level by drawing cold air into the body of the refrigerated compartment.

How long does a reefer take to cool?

The time it takes for a reefer to reach its targeted temperature is dependent on how much power is applied to it and what type of product is stored inside. On average, it takes about two hours to reach a set temperature level that can maintain the desired conditions for storing certain types of goods.

What is the temperature range for a reefer container?

The temperature that a reefer can maintain ranges from -65c to 40c. This may vary from one container to the next, so it’s important to know which type of insulation your refrigerated cargo will require when choosing a suitable window for purchase.

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